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hyperstructure design and architecture/ strategic design/ brand design language creation/ color and trim/ technical drawings/ prototyping supervision

12m1000hp INBOARD/OUTBOARD Production Model


Marvel41C is the rst ‘implementa on plan’ of a hyper R.I.B. designed in close collabora on with the founder and owner of Marvel, Mr. Evangelos Karabetsos.

The goal was to create a long- distance rib that can be used for military use or passenger carrier or as a luxury tender to a motor yacht. It can easily follow you all over Mediterranean for long trips and it combines all uses.The luxurious and comfortable fully air condi oned cabin can accommodate from 10 to 18 people. It has also outside spacious, weather protected deck on the stern of the boat , an open space for 4-5 people on the bow and sunbath space on the roof.

The Marvel 41C comes in three setups. An armored- tac cal version, ini ally designed as security vessel for a larger yacht, and two non-armored versions. The non-armored versions, not-yet released, will be a passenger carrier and a luxurious limo tender. The setup and architecture will vary between the models to meet the specific needs of each use. So far the first armored boat has rolled out of the Marvel Ribs production line. In this case the polygonal surfacing, used with much sharper angles, serves also a functional role, deflecting incoming fire away from the cockpit.


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