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748 Hommagio

Created for the 2018 Harrison Collection Award, the idea behind this design was- based on the 748- to create a bike that pays homage to early Tamburini work, Ducati and italian design in general.

Tamburini’s early work is characterized by fully enclosed body designs featuring monolithic volumes with carefully designed air vent openings. Later, as seen in the 916, his designs started taking a more exploded form (body panel separation, monobras syspension). In the 916 and concequently the 748, this exploded form also highlights the bike’s iconic chassis.

The core of the 748 is the Ducati’s signature trellis chassis. Bolt onto the L shaped Desmoquattro and leading to the monobras suspension with the vertical shock, it creates an iconic and highly recognizable complex. Any redesign or customization should take this into consideration and treat with respect.


Therefore, the direction chosen was to revisit the minimalistic-monolithic body treatment of early Tamburini designs while also showcase and highlight the 748’s iconic mechanics.


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